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My work in the bike industry has introduced me to many people and companies that provide great services and products that can enhance your ride. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

Bike and Bike Parts

AEbike – when I send my clients shopping for parts, this site always has the inventory and competitive pricing.

K Bedford Customs – Kelly builds some of the highest quality hand-built bicycles that I’ve ever ridden.

HandleBra – Want to spoil your hands? Try this exemplary leather handle bar wrap. It’s worth every penny. NO Bedford goes Un-Bra’d  Ray will tell you so.

Wallingford Bike Parts – my supplier of choice for Brooks saddles because Bill Laine backs up his saddles with a 6 month warranty of satisfaction.

Zero G Storage - a great way to store water bottles.

Body Fitness and Coaching

Terrel Hale – massage therapist a good guy with a stellar reputation.

Chris Hendricks – rehabilitative body worker (and pure genius according to many clients, my wife and myself)

AJ Morrison – tri-athlete coach and generally a giving person with advice for new to seasoned Tri folks.

Dr. John Dandelski – the only Chiropracter that I will let touch me and he has. Too bad he is in TN now but he is the BEST.

Stella Emsellem D.O. Hands On is the operative word with Dr. Stella ☺ if you need Osteopathic Healthcare.

Monica Pampell - a nutritionist and trainer and a dam good athlete, eat better and ride a heavier bike if you wish.

Dr. Erik Ward - an athlete himself and a guy that works on Endurance athletes.

Bike Forums and Communities

DC Tri Club and this is the thread that placed me on their members radar. I have met some really nice folks through this club.

Paceline Forum these are the folks I hang out with in cyber space ☺ Great place to buy bikes and parts from their classified ad section. Always opinionated but never dull chatter. This was the OLD Serotta Forum before they changed names.