Bike Fit By Smiley

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Services & Pricing

Personalized Consultation

What type of riding do you do: Touring, Criteriums, Road Racing, Time Trialing, Fixed Gear, City, Tandeming or just plain old hybrid street and trail riding? I can consult with you on fit considerations and the types of bikes that meet your needs – no matter your preferred cycling discipline. I fit your bike to your body and style of riding – not someone else’s picture of the ideal. Let’s face it, few of us resemble a pro-cyclist -- in physique or condition.


Get pre-measured before you purchase a new bike, and I can advise you as to the best stock bikes that meet your measurements and budget. Once you buy, return to me for your final fitting. No excuses for purchasing a bike that doesn’t fit!

Final Fit

Already have a bike? No problem. The focus of the fit consultation will be to make your ride the most comfortable and efficient for the stage of cycling you are in or aspire to.

Custom Bike Fit

Sometimes you don’t want any compromises. For these clients, I can do a custom fit from any custom builder of your choice as well Kelly Bedford brand of bikes. A custom bike fit is like an expertly tailored suit. My fit specifications will dial in tube lengths and angles to the millimeter and degree that suits your body best.


My fee is $300 to get your fit right – no matter how many sessions or how long it takes. If you bring a second bike to our initial fitting, add $150. If you come back with additional bikes after our initial fitting, the fee is $200 per bike. I will perform fit tweaks on these bikes at no cost for 60 DAYS after we’ve dialed in your initial fit. After 60 days, I charge $100 per tweak on bikes that I’ve previously fit up to one year from the initial consultation. Fee is payable by Check, Zelle or Cash and due after the first session. All Pre Fit services will be at the $300 pricing level going forward.

Sixty-Day Follow-up

What if things change? If you exceed your initial goals, we can adjust your ride to make you lower, longer, and more aero. Or, if your body or riding interests change, we can dial back the speed quotient and increase the comfort factor. You will have 60 DAYS of free adjustments with any fit.

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